Snowball Squad

Thank you so much for your interest in joining our SNOWBALL SQUAD! I’m so excited to share early access of my book with a special group of my favorite people, and you’re one of them.

I’m asking for your help to create a buzz about The Snowball System, especially during publication week. Influencers like you make a difference in the success of a book! Help us help more people learn how to grow their influence authentically and proactively by using The Snowball System.

What’s in it for you?

  • Sneak peek, early digital access to The Snowball System, usually only given to influential bloggers and media professionals.
  • One signed copy of The Snowball System, signed with whatever message you’d like, sent to the address of your choice.
  • Exclusive membership to a private Facebook group including everyone in Snowball Squad. We will use this group not only to share in-progress book launch details, but also to create a community – one in which Squad members can interact and connect long before and after publication date.
  • Short, intimate email updates from Mo on everything Snowball-related to keep you in the know.
  • Invite to a special launch party at Mo and Becky’s home in Atlanta, Georgia on September 15th, 2018. It’ll be an awesome time with awesome-r people. Free donkey hugs by Louie Hamilton are included.

What are we asking you to do?

  • Order The Snowball System from the retail outlet of your choice.
  • Download and start reading your insider-access, early release, you-are-special digital copy!
  • If you love the book like I think you will, post a review on Amazon or otherwise promote the book in whatever way you like


  • Join the private Facebook group if you’d like further insider info.
  • Come to the launch party! Trust me, it’s going to be a riot.