Thanks so much for helping me promote The Snowball System!

It’s always been a dream of mine to write a book. It’s taken a lifetime to learn enough to write one and over three years of concentrated effort to make it a reality. I couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world. Would you be willing to help me spread the word?

Check out the table below. It’s what my publisher tells me helps promote a book over a longer period of time, in rough rank order of importance. If you can do anything on this list, you’re helping others. You’re helping people that need to know about our techniques, and you’re deepening your own relationships as you spread the word.

Is there anything you can do on this list?

Is there anything I can do to help you?

Let me know. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

And THANK YOU for the support!

Mo Bunnell

ActionWho it can helpWhy it’s important
Buy a few copies for yourself and othersLOTS of people. See the list below of people who would benefit from The Snowball System.Bestseller lists prioritize books with many orders sent to different locations. Having a large group of people buy one or several copies makes a huge difference!
Write an online book reviewPeople that are thinking about buying the bookThe number of online book reviews are a top indicator of future, long-term success. They are powerful. If you love the book, please consider writing a review.
Tell your employees, business partners and clients and family verballyPeople that need to hear about the bookRecent research out of Cornell found that a face to face request is 34x more likely to get a yes than an email request. Have a meeting coming up? In the hallway? Tell others about The Snowball System.
Send an email to a group mentioning the bookPeople that need to hear about the bookYou might not get 34x yes’s, but hey, it’s easy to do. Spread the word! You’ll be a hero.
Mention The Snowball System on social media and tag me so I can chime inPeople that need to hear about the bookMy publisher tells me LinkedIn is the most powerful platform for selling books with Facebook in second place. Twitter is not as powerful for selling books, but can still help spread the word. (See sample posts below)

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Can’t wait to read @MoBunnell’s new book #thesnowballsystem. Buy your copy today and learn how to sell yourself without selling your soul.
  • If you’re good at doing something and need paying clients to do it, you need to sell your services to make your business grow. @MoBunnell shows you how in #thesnowballsystem. Buy your copy today
  • There’s a difference between difference between scraping by and scaling up. @MoBunnell taught me how to grow my business, and he’s written a new book, #thesnowballsystem, that can teach you too. Buy your copy today.
  • Taking Mo’s class was instrumental to my career. I can’t wait to get my copy of his first book: The Snowball System!

Why buy multiple copies?

One thing’s for sure: you know a lot of people who need The Snowball System. The book covers every skill needed to grow a client account, practice area, or business.

The ‘responsible for bringing in business’ group:

  • Anyone who’s gone through our training programs. (Great reinforcement!)
  • Anyone in professional services:
    • Lawyers
    • Accountants
    • Consultants
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • Actuaries!
    • Any other expertise-driven roles
  • Full-time sales people
  • Account Managers and Account Executives responsible to expand clients they manage
  • Business owners

The supporting role group:

  • Learning and development professionals who support roles above
  • Sales force effectiveness roles
  • Marketing roles
  • Internal pricing roles
  • Sales support roles
  • CRM experts

The ‘investing in others’ group:
(Hint: Use The Snowball System as an Asset to invest in others):

  • Your clients that have to bring in their own business
  • Your prospects that have to bring in their own business
  • Strategic Partners you share referrals with
  • Strategic Partners you’d like to share referrals with (Sending the book is a great way to begin talking about helping each other!)

The leadership group:

  • People that lead or manager others
  • People that want those roles

The outside of work passion group:

  • Nonprofit CEOs, Board Members and Development Officers you work with
  • Church leadership
  • People you’d like to get to know better
  • Your spouse
  • Your kids
  • Crazy Uncle Bill (We’ve all got one, right?)
  • That young person you’re mentoring
  • Anyone you’d like to invest in
  • Anyone you want to let know you’re thinking about them

And, lastly, the job seeking group:

  • Anyone wanting to have a different job
  • Anyone currently in an active job search

The audience for The Snowball System is broad.

One of my favorite partners and thought leaders, Ann Herrmann, put it best:

“The Snowball System is a practical book you can use right from the first chapter—and is a great read—too rare in today’s world. This book isn’t just for business developers, it’s for anyone needing to influence others in an authentic, helpful way.” 

How many people can you think of that would be helped by The Snowball System?